what is lifecoachiNg

Life coaching helps with life issues in the areas of personal development, relationships, loss and work. For example, when you feel stuck in a rut, don’t know which direction you want to go, or feel overwhelmed. The coach provides support and guidance, helping you regain control of your feelings. We begin by visualizing where you are now and formulating your goals. Then we will look at how to get there. Obstructive patterns and beliefs are cleared and space is created for new creative power.

Coaching helps you think in terms of possibilities. What else is possible? The answers are already hidden within yourself. Questioning and mirroring help your process toward awareness and answers.


Coaching helps you gain new insights into issues, both business and personal. You get practical tools for physical and mental relaxation, learn to manage your emotions, develop competencies to prevent insecurity and stress such as assertiveness, self-confidence and dosing. You will also begin to view and appreciate yourself through a positive lens. Every person is unique therefore we tailor to your goals and desires.


First, we discuss the coaching goal. Then we look at how to get there. What obstacles still stand in your way and what resources do you need.


1 or 1.5 hours


Gain insight into yourself and discover and address your thoughts, feelings, behaviors and your beliefs. You can then get motivated to work on the actions discussed from a focus on your goals.


€ 125 per hour, for companies ex. VAT


See if your employer will reimburse these costs or use your personal development budget. For business owners, the costs are tax deductible.