What others are saying

Together with Yvonne, I have gone through a journey over the past two years where I have learned a lot about myself. Yvonne excels at the emotional level and this was exactly what I wanted to learn more about. She also helped me a lot with the loss of my mother and gave me tools to deal better with this kind of situation in the future.

Yvonne herself is a warm and positive person. What I myself also found very important is the fact that the two of us were always able to laugh together. In addition to professional depth, she also has room for personal connection. This, in my opinion at least, allows for a better coaching bond to be formed and thus you can create a better experience.

Ronald van Antwerpen

I saw the coaching program with Yvonne as a nice gift to myself. To gain insight into (unconscious) patterns of thinking and behavior and to clarify my personal and work-related motives and desires for the future.
Talking with Yvonne at her kitchen table immediately felt warm and familiar. She challenges you to really go “inside” and feel where certain feelings and thoughts come from and how you can actually see them as strengths. She opened “shutters” that I didn’t know existed and I regained insight into what values are important to me. With a new mission in my pocket, the journey is over for now and I am eager to go for it again!

Marloes de Looff

I came in contact with Yvonne through my employer several years ago because of the coaching program we are offered. From day one it felt right and I experienced that Yvonne coaches in a pleasant and positive way, and she helps you bring out the best in you. Each person is unique and she knows how to discover and utilize your talents with you. I can honestly say that thanks to coaching sessions with Yvonne, I have become the better version of myself, and after all these years, I still look forward to our conversations. When colleagues are looking for a coach, I always mention her name. In short, highly recommended!

Tom Blaauw - Senior Business Manager

Yvonne is a great coach, she helped me to dig deeper into myself. By asking the right questions she assisted me in finding the answers myself. She does this with a to-the-point attitude, in which she comes up with a wide variety of exercises, literature and activities that helped me not only in my career, but also in my personal life. What I personally love about her, is her view on things that is often quite different from what I experience as an engineer in an engineering environment.
Thanks Yvonne!

Positive feedback, Yvonne helps you think about dilemmas in your life, think differently about and in certain situations. Gives you tools to move forward and set your mindset more positively!

Diana G.

Yvonne has a very fine way of coaching. She has guidelines for herself, but is open to freestyling. This helped me tremendously. The talks are always without judgment and are full of practical tips. She asks in-depth questions that I hadn’t thought about myself. She helps you zoom out and reviews the situation with you. Very nice!

Jord Bezemer

Yvonne is an amazing coach, understanding very easy to speak to and will help you reach your goals. Very kind and will go the extra mile no matter how stubborn you can be. 😁

Neil Combrinck

When I met Yvonne during our first coaching try-out session it felt good straight from the start. The past two years she was my coach while I was working in a very challenging and high pace environment. She’s helped me a lot with all the challenges I faced during this period, and I hope to continue to have her as a coach. What stands out for me is helping me to analyze my own behavior and trying to find ways to be aware of my behavior and take a different approach if needed, both on a professional and personal level!

Yvonne is an excellent coach. I have had the opportunity to work with her for several years and am extremely satisfied with the results she has acquired over the past few years. Many of my employees have helped them in the area of coaching and to their complete satisfaction. I highly recommend her!

Marco Haasjes