‘I have a passion for people and their personal story’

About Yvonne

‘Feeling alive,’ I love that. Doing something, small or big, that I haven’t done before or that makes me happy. From a cappuccino in an atmospheric establishment to traveling through a new environment. I also see life as a journey; you have fine and not so fine experiences and encounters. It is both reluctant and enjoyable and only becomes truly enjoyable when you let go of your expectations and move with what comes your way. As a coach, I briefly walk with the other person as a tour guide. Getting desires clear, asking through, formulating goals, giving tips and tricks for along the way. I help rewrite the story and take control. Proactively create rather than passively react.

I have a passion for people and their personal story. Therefore, graduated in TV from the Academy of Journalism and Information in Tilburg. Then followed a variety of jobs, from communications consultant and a year as a culinary journalist, to neighborhood manager. With in between trips as a tour guide in the south of France and a year of backpacking around the world, or, “Feeling Alive” adventures. With The Law of Attraction, manifesting and thinking in possibilities, I strive to live a life of consciously creating rather than just reacting.

Let the beauty of what you love,

be what you do.


My strong sensitivity is my strength

I have been coaching for 12 years and now go freestyle on experience, feeling and intuition. I live my mission and every coaching conversation energizes me. Meanwhile, my strong sensitivity (hsp) is my strength. When I was young, it mostly bothered me that my feelings were so open. I struggled with depression from the age of 15 and struggled with insecurity for many years. I can now deal with my sensitivity much better and experience it as strength. Also certainly as a coach. I strive to be the temporary guide for others that I would have liked to have been myself when I ran into things.

My mission is to make a positive difference
make in the world

Everything is already there

People and situations that trigger you show you where you are not yet free. I believe your outer world mirrors your inner world. For example, when you reject yourself, you get that mirrored by your environment. At work and in your relationships with others. As a coach, I help you live from positive awareness and in loving connection with yourself and others. The starting point is that there is nothing wrong with you. Everything is already there, we just clear the blockages. Think of it as weeding your garden, or your car getting a service so that everything runs smoothly again.

I coach freestyle, inspired in part by the method of life coach Peter Crone, NLP, various NOBCO accredited coaching courses such as stress and burnout counseling and 12 years of coaching on topics such as self-confidence, personal leadership and transformation and, of course, my own broad life experience. Online coaching is my preference, on location is possible around Middelburg and Heemstede/ Haarlem. Coaching can be done in Dutch and in English.