When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Toon Hermans

There must be people who light suns
Before the world goes mad
People launching summer kites
When it’s icy winter
And those confetti sprinkled among the snowflakes

Those people should be there

There must be people selling ice creams at the cemetery exit
And playing harmonica on the debris

There must be people standing on their chairs
To hang stars in the fog
Who make spring from fallen leaves
And from fallen shadow light

There must be people who warm us
And who in a cloudless sky
Still being in the clouds
So high
They jump rope along the rainbow
If someone has said:
Come into my arms

That’s the kind of people I want to belong to:
Who keep dancing in the rain at the garden party
Even if the musicians have already gone home

There must be people who are on the gray asphalt
Painting ‘love’ in large white letters
People carving names in a tree full of ripe fruit
Because there are so many others fleeing from the butterflies
And throwing stones at the first spring blue
Because they are afraid of the flowers
And being afraid of I love you

Yes, there must be people with tears like silver beads
Who shine in the dark
And morning greetings
When daylight comes in on stocking feet

You know, there must be people blowing bubbles
And know of no time
Who marvel childishly
About something bursting with prettiness

They shout from the rooftops that there is love and wonder
When all those others shout: everything makes no sense
Then they keep shouting: no, the world is not going down
And they see in every end another new beginning

They are a little clown
First the heart and then the mind
And they write ‘i love you’ in the sand with their umbrella
Because they are so gigantically absorbed in life
And falling and falling and falling and rising

That’s the kind of people I want to belong to:
Who keep dancing in the rain at the garden party
Even if the musicians have already gone home
The music continues
The music

Peter Crone

With life coach Peter Crone, he calls himself “the Mind Architect,” I took several Masterminds for coaches. This radiant man full of compassion and humor has developed his own method for quickly getting to the root cause of limiting beliefs and patterns. You are going to dismantle these so you can start living from freedom and confidence again.


‘The Too Much Woman’
by Ev Yan Whitney

About the woman who loves too much, feels too deeply, asks too often, desires too much. She takes up too much space, with her laughter, her curves, her honesty, her sexuality. Her presence is as big as a tree, as immense as a mountain. Her energy occupied every corner of the room. In summary…she takes up too much space.

Original English text: https://www.evyanwhitney.com/blog/too-much-woman

Joe Dispenza

Dr. Joe Dispenza, is an international speaker, scientist,
business consultant, writer and teacher. He is driven
by the conviction that each of us has the potential
has for greatness and unlimited abilities. In his
easy-to-understand style, he has taught hundreds of thousands of people how to reprogram their brains and their bodies
be able to recondition to make lasting changes
bring about.



Desiderata, Latin for “things desired,” is a world-famous 1927 poem by American writer Max Ehrmann (1872-1945). The text was never published while he was alive. His works came to light when his wife published them for him in 1948 after his death.

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